Pipelines Protection


Automatic Pressure stabilizer is a device for passive protection of the pipelines and equipment against water hammer, pressure pulsation and intolerable dynamic loads. Pressure Stabilizers are manufactured according to the customer requirements (Pipe or Chamber Type) in a Diameter from 6-2000mm, can Stand up to 45 MPA and a Temperature up to 550`


Reduction of pipeline breaks,
Damping of vibration,
Prevention of premature corrosion,
Prolonging the life of the pipelines and thereby avoiding the costs of cleaning the affected
environment in case of a pipe break,
no system or production outages,
no additional energy costs,
exactly calculable costs of purchase,
no maintenance costs

Fields of application
  • Power industry (Nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants)
  • Municipal water and sewage systems
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Metallurgical engineering

A presentation with technical information, testing results, certification and patents you can find here: Emergency Protection of Pipelines and Equipment



PSS are installed in immediate vicinity to sources of disturbance (pumps, valves, quickacting fittings, sharp turns different flow speeds of working medium etc.)

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