Invitation for tenders in Russia

Business tips for your business in Russia
20. August 2020
Foreign trade regulations in Russia
24. August 2020

Invitation for tenders in Russia

Do you want to successfully expand your business to Russia?
Are you planning to set up a (subsidiary) company in Russia?
Are you considering expanding your business contacts to Russia?
Whatever your goals for the market in Russia are:
“Ihr Geschäft in Russland” (English Your business in Russia) would like to facilitate the way in as well as for YOUR business in Russia with clear and instructive business tips.

This video* visually explains 5 “rules of the game” that must be observed when participating in a (planned) public tender in Russia.

It is important to note the difference when participating in tenders by state or private companies in Russia, as well as private companies in which the state holds shares, and the associated regulations of Laws FZ 44 and FZ 223.

* The video is available in German only.