13. October 2019

Another Meeting in Saudi Arabia

At the beginning of September there was another meeting of the state-owned company Saline Water Conversation Corporation and RM-Invest. This time it was about detailed question […]
10. August 2019

Permanent Representation of RM-INVEST in Turkey and Northern Cyprus

On 01.08.2019 RM-Invest came to an agreement with Mr. Ahmet, ERKOC, Istanbul, in which we agreed that Mr. ERKOC represents RM-Invests interests in Turkey and Northern […]
6. August 2019

RM Invest opens the gate to the Middle East

In the context of cooperation between Chamber of Commerce (Germany/Saudi Arabia) and RM-Invest, intense negotiations took place in Riyadh and Dammam on July 29 and 30, […]
11. June 2019

AHK conference in Frankenthal

RM-Invest participated in the AHK-Conference in Frankenthal on 07.05.2019.